Tuscaloosa Public Library Computer Services
Tuscaloosa Public Library Computer Services

Public Computers

The Tuscaloosa Public Library has 26 1-hour internet accessible computer stations housed in the computer lab on the second floor. In addition, there are 11 catalog & database computers located throughout the building. The Microsoft office suite is available on all computer stations.

The Gates-Davis Computer Lab is provided thanks to generous donations from the Gates Foundation and Ella Davis.

There is no charge to use the computers in the Computer Lab and service is based on a first come, first serve basis. A Tuscaloosa Public Library card is required for residents. The card must be current and with less than $6.00 in charges. Non-residents may be granted access with current ID for occasional use.

Time Limits
A basic session is one hour. If no others are waiting to use computers, one additional hour session may be available.

Internet access is filtered in order to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The following are prohibited:

  • Use of chat.
  • Viewing of obscene materials, child pornography, material that appeals to a prurient or unhealthy interest in, or depicts or describes in a patently offensive way, violence, nudity, sex, death or bodily functions, material that has been designated as for “adults” only.
  • Material that promotes or advocates illegal activities.

Microsoft Office Applications
Microsoft Office 2007 Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access are available for use.

Black and white printing is $.10 per page. Color printing is $1.00 per page.

Files may be downloaded to a USB device, a pre-formatted 3.5-inch disk or CDR. Disks may be purchased for $1.00, and CDRs for $1.50.

Free classes in computer use and software are scheduled regularly.

Computer Lab assistants are available to provide assistance.

It is the mission of the Tuscaloosa Public Library to provide recreational and cultural opportunities and information to a diverse community through traditional services, new technologies, and innovative programs for citizens of all ages and needs in an inviting environment. Because of technological advancement and to better meet the needs of its users, the Tuscaloosa Public Library provides Internet access for its patrons. The Tuscaloosa Public Library is not responsible for information accessed through the Internet, nor is it responsible for the content or accuracy of this information. It is the intention of the Tuscaloosa Public Library to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

To comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Tuscaloosa Public Library utilizes a filtering service on all public and staff Internet computer workstations in order to block access to inappropriate information, specifically, information deemed to be harmful to minors. Adult users aged eighteen and older may request that the filtering be disabled for the purpose of “bona fide research or other lawful purpose”. This request is subject to staff discretion and supervision.

As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, inappropriate network usage, including “hacking” and other unlawful activities, is prohibited. Also prohibited is the use of Internet chat rooms by computer lab patrons. The Tuscaloosa Public Library staff will monitor usage of the Internet and the online computer network, including use of electronic mail, or other forms of electronic communication. Patrons accessing the Internet at the Tuscaloosa Public Library agree to the following rules and stipulations:

  1. Prohibited Materials: The following types of materials are prohibited from use in the Tuscaloosa Public Library computers: obscene materials, child pornography, material that appeals to a prurient or unhealthy interest in, or depicts or describes in a patently offensive way, violence, nudity, sex, death or bodily functions, material that has been designated as for “adults” only and material that promotes or advocates illegal activities.
  2. Family and Personal Values: There is a wide range of material available on the Internet, some of which may not be fitting with the particular values of the families of students. Parents/guardians are encouraged to specify to their children what material is and is not acceptable in accord with their family values for their children to access.
  3. Responsible Use: Users may not engage in activities that are illegal, use harmful language, engage in plagiarism or copyright infringement or engage in actions that jeopardize the security of the Tuscaloosa Public Library system.
  4. Warranties: The Tuscaloosa Public Library makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, that the functions or the services provided by or through the library’s Internet system will be error-free or without defect. The library will not be responsible for any damages users may suffer, including but not limited to, loss of data, interruptions of service, or exposure to inappropriate material or people. The library is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of information.
  5. Due Process: The Tuscaloosa Public Library will cooperate fully with local, state or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to any illegal activities conducted through the Tuscaloosa Public Library Internet System.

If a user inadvertently accesses material that is considered to be prohibited, he/she should immediately disclose this to the lab monitor.

Using the computer lab is a privilege. The Tuscaloosa Public Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet or other computer session at anytime for activities that are harmful to the equipment, computer lab, community, or library patrons. Repeated violations can result in loss of computer lab privileges. Illegal acts involving library resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal officials.

Computer Classes

The Tuscaloosa Public Library offers free computer classes to patrons.
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Introduction to the PC/Internet/Email:
In this course you will learn about the different components of the computer, how to turn it on and off properly, and how to begin using Internet Explorer to browse websites and perform basic search functions. We also discuss a generalization of email, how it works and the easiest way to establish an email account. We also cover the basics of the Microsoft Windows desktop along with essential navigational tools to get the most out of your computing experience.Basic Microsoft Word/Excel 2010:
Learn the basics about word processing using Microsoft’s newest version of its popular word processing application Word 2010. And Learn about basic spreadsheets and using them to compute financial data with simple formulas, using the robust spreadsheet program Excel 2010.

Intermediate Microsoft Word/Excel 2010:
Become familiar with tools in Microsoft Word 2010 that make document creation faster and easier- inserting headers and footers, page numbers, using borders, creating labels and envelopes and learn how to create graphs and charts in Microsoft Excel 2010, along with inserting formulas into spreadsheets.

Advanced Microsoft Word/Excel 2010:
This class teaches advanced features of Microsoft Word, including mail merge wizard, accessing templates, creating tables, working with citations and bibliography information, along with Microsoft Excel 2010 working with multiple spreadsheets inside one workbook, linking sheets together and using linking formulas in a multi-worksheet environment.

Basic Microsoft Publisher 2010:
This course teaches the publication program Microsoft Publisher 2010 including how to publish/create calendars, flyers, banners, bulletins, and common event handouts. We will also demonstrate the use of example files also called templates to help facilitate easy and professional looking publications.

Other Classes:
Along with the regularly scheduled classes our Reference Department sponsors one class per month dedicated to many different topics covering:

  • USING THE OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) how to place holds, eBooks, renew books
  • GOOGLE (How to do advanced searching in the Google engine)

As new technologies and software applications come to market we tailor our programs accordingly. If you are interested in a specific class please talk with the computer class scheduling coordinator located at the Main Library or he can be reached by giving him a call:

John Reece
Network Administrator I.T.
Tuscaloosa Public Library
1801 Jack Warner Parkway
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone: 205-345-5820 ext 1262
Email: jdreece@tuscaloosa-library.org

Eligible Users

The computer stations are available to all patrons with a valid Tuscaloosa Public Library card. Visiting out of town patrons can present a valid driver’s license to use the computer stations.

Free WiFi

In order to provide this as a free service, all patrons must comply with the library computer guidelines and internet use policy.