Now our library never closes!

eBooks and audiobooks are now available 24/7 whenever you are online! Our digital collection includes a wide variety of ebooks and audiobooks that you can check out to use on your computer or portable device. You may need to download software that allows your computer or devices to be able to properly read our downloadable material. Note: you must also have a renewed Tuscaloosa Public Library card with no outstanding fees.



Through OverDrive you can download ebooks that can be read from your computer and personal devices such as Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers, Kobo readers, iPads, iPhones, Android based devices and more. Check out your favorite titles today without worrying about late fees – books return themselves after 7 or 14 days.

You can also download audiobooks that can be listened to from your computer and transferred to your personal devices. Check out your favorite titles today without worrying about late fees – books return themselves after 14 or 21 days.

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TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they’ll love. They are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sounds, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book (and some classics) which you can read, or have read to you.

The language drop-down menu allows you to view the site in French and Spanish, instead of English.

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TumbleBookCloud Jr.

Read-along books are great for early or shy readers. This collection features over 120 read-along books for children, middle schoolers, teens, and adults including classics and even Shakespeare.

The books highlight sentences as you read, turn the page automatically, and offer three different text sizes.

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Sites with Public Domain Titles

Google Books – Download full copies of out-of-copyright books from a variety of public domain titles(100’s of 1000’s of titles)

Internet Archive – A non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music.(over 2.5 million titles) (29,000 titles)

Online Books Page (over 1 million titles)

Project Gutenberg – The original site for on-line texts, Project Gutenberg is still on the cutting edge with over 10,000 classics, including many international titles. (over 33,000 titles)

Open Library One web page for every book ever published (a collection of over 20 million records and growing)

Amazon’s Free Collection (over 16.000 of the most popular classics) for the Kindle

Barnes & Noble’s Free Collection for the Nook