Procedure for Booking the Rotary Room

  1. Read the Rotary Room Policy to verify the eligibility and limitation requirements of using the Rotary Room.
  2. Fill out an application.
    1. Applications are kept on file for 1 year from the date submitted.
    2. There are no limitations as to how often the Rotary Room can be booked during that year.
  3. Contact the Reference Department at (205) 345-5820 ext. 1271 or to check the calendar for availability. Note: If you have received an out-of-office message and are in need of immediate response please contact the Reference Department at (205) 345-5820 ext. 1271.
    1. Calendar reservations work on a first come, first serve basis.
    2. The Rotary Room is only available during the Main Library open hours.
  4. Initial reservations for new users are placed on the calendar as “tentative” reservations and are not officially confirmed until the completed application has been received.

Rotary Room Quick Facts

  1. There is a $20 fee ONLY if food will be served during your meeting.
  2. Library events take precedence over any other event, therefore, there is a possibility of being bumped from the calendar. Note: there is a guaranteed week advance notice of this if it happens.
  3. With seating the Rotary Room holds up to 80 people; without seating up to 200.
  4. If set-up and/or clean-up time are necessary, please build that time into the booking. Usage beyond the scheduled time is NOT allowed.
  5. When bookings are scheduled to end at the library’s closing time, meetings should end fifteen (15) minutes before the library closes and all participants out of the building by closing time.

Rotary Room Quick Links

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