Richard Jackson, editor at Atheneum Books for Young Readers, released his newest book, All Ears, All Eyes, on March 7, 2017. This picture book explores what happens in the forest as all the animals scratch, scoot, sing and chirr as they get ready for bed. Beautifully illustrated by Katherine Tillotson, the pages are full of lovely watercolors and spots of light, allowing this journey through the dark woods to be one worth remembering.

“Shh…look…listen…to the sounds of the dark say Goodnight!

What sails? What flies? Those…these, Down low, nearby, far off, up high.

Who listens? Who looks? Who hears? Who sees?

An homage to the melodies of nighttime, to each critter that sings, hoots, or glows, All Ears, All Eyes takes us on a moonlit journey where the landscape shimmers with Fantasia-like beauty. Where if you look and listen, you might spy an owl, a deer, a chipmunk—or—what else!—before falling asleep.” –

Read this picture book twice and reveal new images hidden within the illustrations that will entice imaginations, spark curiosity, and create a soothing bedtime story for all young readers and animal lovers.

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