So with the New Year not only should you take a new look at your old work, but it is time to get organized. Now I will admit this is more of a time when I tell you to do as I say and not as I do because I need to follow my own instructions and get a bit better organized. There are many different ways to organize your genealogy both your print documents and your electronic documents. My personal way is that I have binders, right now I have one for my Mother’s lines and one for my Dad’s lines. I need to really separate out some of those families into their own binders and I need to start binders for my husband’s lines. Electronically I started out with folders on my laptop for each family, but now that I have moved to a laptop, tablet and of course my smartphone I really need to migrate a lot of my stuff electronically to some type of cloud. You need to do what works best for your own situation. I know there are some people that for their printed documents they have a file cabinet with different drawers for each family. There are some great sites that offer many suggestions on how to get organized, so check these out:,, and

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