Dr. Florence Williams, Chair (City of Tuscaloosa)

Mr. Randy Fondren, Vice Chair (City of Northport)

Mr. Jimmy Warren, Secretary (City of Tuscaloosa)

Mr. Bryan Winter, Treasurer (Tuscaloosa County)

Mr. Stan Acker (Tuscaloosa County)

Mrs. Virginia Ennis (City of Tuscaloosa)

Mrs. Blanche Gunter (Tuscaloosa County)

Mr. Jeff Hinton (Tuscaloosa County)

Ms. Olympia McCrackin (City of Tuscaloosa)

Ms. Terri Tompkins (City of Tuscaloosa)

Mr. Lance Wyatt (Tuscaloosa County)

Mrs. Bess Miller, Ex Officio

Mrs. Jennifer Pearson, Executive Director

Mrs. Cheryl Burrell-Smith, Admin Secretary

The Tuscaloosa Public Library Board meets at noon on the third Monday. The meetings are generally held in the Rotary Room of the Main Library; however, when the meetings are held at one of the Branches, that information appears on the proposed agenda for the month.